Parents’ Association “Step by Step”

Parents’ Association “Step by Step” is a non-governmental and non-profit association whose main objective is to promote value of the community focused on children. Such society perceives children as its most valuable treasure and creates a priority for their welfare, development and education. Moreover, the restoration of the value of parenting is considered as a possibility for balancing work and care for children while doing everything in our might to start appreciating parenting and make it easier.

Association’s activities include promotion of children’s rights as well as rights of their families to honorable life; cooperation with preschool, school and other institutions which take care of children and families; joint efforts of Association’s members before authorities, institutions and local communities; organization of seminars and public lectures; distribution; cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and encouraging donations and sponsorships.

Contact: Silvija Stanić, Psychologist, child rights specialist, gestalt psychotherapist, Executive director

Kentro Merimnas Oikogeneias Kai Paidiou

KMOP, founded in 1977, is one of the oldest civil society organizations in Greece, with extensive experience in direct provision of social services and implementation of social initiatives. Over the last years, the organization has established an international presence, and is now active in 7 countries, and operating permanent offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Brussels and Skopje.
KMOP is dedicated to making a positive social impact through research and innovative initiatives that address critical social issues, inform public debate and help shape policy, nationally and internationally.
Our mission is to contribute to effective social-policy design and to lead impactful programmes that promote individual well-being, reduce inequalities, eliminate vulnerabilities, and foster inclusive and sustainable social growth.

Contact: Afroditi Azari, Project Manager

Universidad De Valladolid

The Universidad de Valladolid ( has more than 700 years of history and offers a wide variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, with programs in Science, Humanities, Engineering and Architecture, Health Sciences, and Social and Legal Sciences. They are taught in four campuses: Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia, and Soria all in Castilla y León.

It stands out for its mobility programs and resources, both in the academic and professional fields. Currently, the UVA is taking an active part in the ERASMUS+ programme Key Action 1 with over 2,000 students and 200 staff sent and received to and from European universities.
Many programmes of learning are aligned with the strategy of SDS goals 2030. UVa embraces the philosophy of UNESCO and promotes all initiatives related to lifelong learning.

The research group who participates in this project is focused on professional qualifications, employability and social entrepreneurship, that it depends on the pedagogical department. The Spanish Observatory of Validation of Professional Competences (Observal) is another activity of research linked to lifelong learning and guidance as a main aims.

Contact: Luis Carro,Marta Águeda


Foormative Footprint S.L.

FORMATIVE FOOTPRINT (FF) is a research centre and educational design organization located in Spain, in the province of Valladolid.
Formative Footprint is a research centre focused on: analysing theoretical frameworks and concepts; designing information gathering processes; information analysis; detection of educational needs in people and organizations; ensuring the quality of processes with measurable indicators; measuring the impact of education on people and organizations.
Based on the research activities, FF is able to provide solutions, recommendations and even be involve in the design and create of new training processes. The method of analysis and elaboration of new training processes is Design Based Research (DBR) and in its educational concretion called Education Based on Design (Educational Design Research (EDR)).
FF applies this methodology to develop educational solutions/devices of various kinds, from productions that take the form of technological programs or platforms to those that consist of productions of an educational tool of a different nature. Always in a continuous dialogue between theory and practice.
In doing this, Formative Footprint has always been looking for the European added value of its activities. In this context, Formative Footprint gained expertise in the design and management of International and national projects, which allowed to further develop and increase the organization’s activities in the field of innovation and education.
FF is aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. FF considers that one of the most important factors to achieve these goals is based on citizenship education. Education must be the engine that moves people in the right direction.




Damiana Sudano, Researcher/Trainer


Consorzio Comunita Brianza

CCB is a social enterprise composed of 33 partners: 25 cooperatives, 1 consortium and 7 associations operating in the province of Monza and Brianza (Lombardy Region – Italy). Its main aim is proposing innovative solutions and actions promoting a synergetic context and social dialogue between public and private entities, in order to create new welfare services meeting local communities’ needs. 

CCB achieves its mission through a strong experience in social innovation and has been developing its own theory of change and experiences in Monitoring and Evaluation of projects as Quality Manager partner in consortia. 


These are its 5 core areas: 

  • Education and School
  • Reception and Migration Area
  • Tourism and Culture
  • Employability and youth enterprise
  • European projects



Contact: Ms. Lucia Merlin, Programme Manager


Emphasys Centre

The Emphasys Centre, was established in 1998, and operates as an Education, ICT Training Centre, Research and Software Development Centre approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. It is organized in 4 inter-related departments:

  • The Education Department which offers validated and accredited IT courses, as well as Career Counseling Services.
  • The ICT Training Department which includes two highly equipped units: (a) the STEAM Unit which offers courses to young people combining Robotics, 3D Design and Printing, as well as Coding through Video Game guided with ‘Lego Education Trainer’ instructors, and (b) EU Training Unit which provides wide selection of Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility Courses for EU professionals and citizens.
  • The Research Department that works with several organizations on EU projects under a number of funds (e.g. Erasmus, AMIF, AAL, Justice)
  • The Software Development Department which is involved in the design, development, pilot-testing and evaluation of various e-learning tools, games, mobile apps, platforms, websites, applications and assessment portals etc.

Emphasys is an active member of the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN).


Contact: Athos Charalambides, Director


Game-based Learning & Gamification Experts

ATERMON is a start-up focusing on intelligent uses of Game-Based Learning and Web 3.0 technologies and tools for the implementation of solutions that can deliver lasting learning experiences of real practical value. Our mission is to be at the forefront of applied research in emerging technologies and tools, currently used for the most part by large multinationals for serving purely profit-oriented strategies cashing in on the personalisation possibilities powered by Web 2.0/3.0.

Our activities are focused on: Gamification Elaboration of instructional strategies aiming to increase engagement, motivation, and participation and integration of game strategies (competing, awarding, scoring, etc.) to existing applications and/or online communities. Educational Augmented Reality Design and development of educational AR games in multiple educational and training contexts. We provide custom design and development services from the initial concept to the final game or implementation of AR games powered by our own Augmented Reality Content Management System which provides for the rapid creation of AR games disseminating knowledge. Minecraft Modding Cross-platform educational mods for harnessing the power of Minecraft. We create mods across diverse areas covering from STEAM subjects (coding, physics, meteorology, natural disasters, IoT) to physical activity (work-out, fitness, cross-fit).



Contact: Mattheus Kakaris, Legal Representative and Director