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European Commission Report “How children (10-18 experienced online risks during the Covid-19 lockdown “

💬 We would like to share with you the publication of the European Commission “How children (10-18 experienced online risks during the Covid-19 lockdown – Spring 2020”.
🔍This publication is important for this project because it includes a chapter “Online risks encountered by children during the COVID-19 lockdown”, and some interesting but at the same time worrying findings…
🌏 Report is based on the results of the project study “Kids’ Digital lives in Covid19 Times” (KiDiCoTi), conducted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre of
the European Commission in collaboration with UNICEF and European research centres in 11 participating countries (Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland)
🔍 Complete report is available to read online:

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